Tyler Posey the new Teen Wolf

Best known to most of us (over the age of 15) as the cute and adorable son of Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan, Tyler Posey comes from a family of career actors. Tyler would act and develop the trade since the age of 6 with his father John who actually was cast in the role of Danny Tanner in the 1980’s series Full House.
Bob Sagat’s stand up routine I would have to imagine would be very different if that had occurred.

(youtube Bob Sagat’s stand up about the Olsen twins, it’s a little disturbing if you were a fan of the show)

Before his on screen performance with J-Lo, Tyler played a role in the 2002 film Collateral Damage, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.  After a few T.V. roles over the years, Tyler is now starring in the hit MTV T.V. series Teen Wolf.

Wonder if the new remake will have the basketball talent powers as the 1985 Michael J. Fox did.

New young heartthrob?? You decide for yourself, but if you agree send Giuliano a little thank you note


Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf, Giuliano Bekor

Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf, MTV, Giuliano Bekor
Tyler Posey, Giuliano Bekor, MTV, Teen Wolf

  • OwlGirl

    Tyelr starred in Collateral Damage with Arnold Schwarzenegger, not Denzel Washington or Dakota Fanning (that was Man on Fire).
    The pictures are fab! Thank you Giuliano!

  • Kenn Dunn

    Great shots! Teen Wolf is fun summer viewing (and thankfully I’d never seen TYler in anything else beforehand!).

  • miki

    Omg i love this dude so much ma future hubby plz wait for me!

  • Viv

    Beautiful pictures.. Tyler has grown to be a gorgeous man.  Will you be posting more pics from this, like the Ryan Kwante or Sam Trammel slideshows>

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    omgggg yessssssss moreeeeeeeeee <3

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    The sweetest, funniest, sexiest perfect guy out there<3

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    Thank You Giuliano!!! Beautiful work with a beautiful model!

  • Tyler Lover

    There are no words to describe my love for him…  He’s amazing!!!

  • Danceforever_cruz

    He is so PERFECT! Ughhh! 

    • Danceforever_cruz

      And I love you tyler!

  • Kelley Curran

    MORE. he is so sexy. i love these!

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    me too a love tyler posey verry much a love tyler posey

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    sååå snygg !!<3<33<3<3<3<3<3

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    Sexy *______*