Girls, Girls, Girls

Yesterday was a busy day at Lightbox Studio – we had three lovely girls in for photo shoots. Despite the fact that they are all involved in big projects and are sure to become big stars, the girls were easy-going and so much fun to work with. Each one brought a different energy into the studio that made every shoot exciting.

Jessica Parker Kennedy getting her hair done

Jessica Parker Kennedy‘s name has become well-known in the past month after the release of her film 50/50 and the premier of her CW Network show, The Secret Circle. Even with her rising popularity, the young starlet didn’t have a Twitter when she walked in the studio’s doors. After showing her how fun the social network is, she jumped on the bandwagon and joined the Twitterverse as @JParkerK - everyone should go follow her now!

Carly in front of the camera

Internet sensation Carly Craig has worked to take her popularity to larger screens and we hear her fans are not complaining. The actress just finished filming The Three Stooges movie that is set to release next year, and after a day of shooting with her, we are sure she will be hilarious in the film. Even with her comedic style, Carly was able to get serious and give some me some amazing poses.

Camilla Luddington‘s latest project, William & Kate, is a TV movie about the royal newlyweds, but she was no Princess in my studio. When we chatted with her about the film she was modest about the opportunity to play Kate Middleton. Her modest and low-key attitude was apparent in front of and behind the camera, but we were sure to show her sexy side too, as the British actress is soon to be seen in the provocative show Californication.

Check out the “Behind the Scenes” photo album on Facebook to see the rest of the photos.

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Final Edit: Downtown Editorial Video

Happy Friday!

The final edit of Giuliano’s downtown photo shoot video, which has also been featured on Fashion TV, has arrived at the Blog!

Consider our model’s sexy strut in this video a stylish exit from work week to weekend. I hope those of you with 9 to 5′s walk out of the office just as fierce tonight!

VIV Magazine 2011 “The Making Of The Photoshoot” from Giuliano Bekor on Vimeo.

City Sleeker

What do you picture when you think of downtown?

For most, the term conjures up a very specific image. Honking cars, skyscrapers, suited men and women scurrying about to fulfill their daily duties; downtown represents the vibrant ebb and flow of city life. Though the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan center is certainly stimulating, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd.

Giuliano’s newest fashion editorial combats urban anonymity with his signature glam aesthetic. In these exclusive images, our model stands out from a sea of suits in fiery brights and expertly coiffed hair. While her fellow professionals are churned in the daily grind, this career woman is taking care of business.