Rosie O’Donnell Covers Michigan Avenue

In October, Rosie O’Donnell launched her new show, The Rosie Show, on OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network). To welcome the show’s host to Chicago, Michigan Avenue decided to feature the cities newest resident in the December issue.  The next step was to find a photographer and that’s when Giuliano packed his bags and went to Chicago.

Despite the rainy weather outside, Giuliano took advantage of the gorgeous natural lighting and captured Rosie’s natural personality.

You can see the rest of the spread here:

Behind The Scenes With Elyse Levesque

Who: Elyse Levesque

Why: Elyse is your typical Sci-Fi actress; smart, beautiful, and geeky.

While she claimed to not be a geek, we believe otherwise. While getting ready for her photo shoot with Giuliano, she confessed to getting into a fight with a SGU Stargate Universe fan at a sci-fi convention about an alien that was featured in an episode of the show. The fan claimed that there was no way the alien could have been from the part of the universe that the SGU team was in, but Elyse proved him wrong by explaining the technology and location of the episode.

Another reason we know she’s a total geek? As seen in the photo above, Giuliano created a sexy, vampire-like look for Elyse. The glam team dressed her in black, lacey lingerie and put her long, red hair over her shoulders and coated her lips in a bright, red lipstick. Giuliano complimented the look with a dark backdrop and dark lighting. When Elyse saw the photos during the shoot, she told us that she loved the look because she would “love” to play a vampire.

Geek or not, Elyse is definitely hot and we wonder if True Blood has room for another redheaded vampire…

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Behind The Scenes With Monique Ganderton

Who: Monique Ganderton

Why: The Canada-born model turned stunt double/ actress can kick-butt and look good while doing it.

Giuliano utilized Monique’s kick-butt attitude during the photo shoot, showing how sexy tough chicks are.

Her craziest stunt to date? In one of her latest films, Conan the Barbarian, Monique had to jump from the carriage of a two-horse chariot to the first horse. Her comment on the crazy move was that “only in Bulgaria do they let you do those things.”

Monique first took interest in the career after seeing a stunt be performed as a child. With her background in modeling and athletics, she said that stunting made “sense” to her… And we are glad she made the career move.

Her talents can also be seen in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Sucker Punch, and three more films set to release next year.

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Behind The Scenes With Meagan Good

Who: Meagan Good

Why: The L.A. native with a decade-long career is not your typical Hollywood actress.

Meagan’s down-to-earth personality was apparent from the moment she walked into the studio. Dressed in sneakers, leggings and a big, comfy shirt, she looked just as gorgeous as we had imagined.

But once she walked on set, a whole new Meagan came out to play.

We’ve all seen Meagan’s sexy shots in bathing suits and lingerie, but never before has she been photographed in such an elegant look. Her short hairdo (that she styled herself) and subtle make up came together for Giuliano’s vision of showing the vixen in a new light.

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Behind The Scenes With Vanessa Lengies

Who: Vanessa Lengies

Why: Vanessa is a quadruple threat; she’s smart, funny, talented and gorgeous.

The GLEE guest star showed up at our studio at 8:30AM with a smile on her face and a contagious excitement about shooting with Giuliano. In between looks, Vanessa was singing, talking about Occupy LA, reminiscing about her time on “American Dreams” (the show that started her career), and laughing about how many of the facts on her IMDB page are wrong.

To set the record straight, I played a game of “True or False” with Vanessa while I read over the facts that are on her IMDB page.

  • False: Her middle name is not Lynne-Marie and she has no idea why it is listed as that.
  • True: She is Half-Egyptian and she does speak French and some Arabic.
  • False: She does not wake up in the morning with a “Vanilla Ice Blended caffeine drink.” In fact, she’s never had one before.


But she did share some other great facts with us that are 100% true:

  • Her nickname as a child was “Bones” because she wanted to be a paleontologist.
  • She has a fear of tsunami tidal waves (even though she knows that tsunamis are not tidal waves).
  • She loves working on GLEE and even said that she has never worked on a show before where the fans were “so kind.”

By the end of the shoot, everyone was in tears from laughing at Vanessa’s jokes that she played on Giuliano. But we were also in shock of the transformation that she had made. In just a few hours Vanessa had gone from the sweet, adorable girl we all know and love to a sexy woman that no one has ever seen before… And won’t until the photos are ready to be released.

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Tyler Kim Spring 2012 Look Book

Although it barely fels like Autumn in Los Angeles right now, designers all over the city are getting ready for the Spring season. LA Fashion Week wrapped yesterday, but there are still fashion events being held until the end of the month.

On Friday, we held our own LA Fashion Week “event” and shot the Spring 21012 look book for a new, up and coming line, Tyler Kim. The all-day photo shoot featured one model and 20 feminine designs, fresh flower prints, and bold stripes. Giuliano captured the looks in a unique way; think less catalogue, more fashion editoral.

Here’s a sneak peak of the look book with behind the scenes photos from the shoot:

Check out the “Behind The Scenes” album on Facebook to see more photos.

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