Rescheduled: A Portrait of America Opening in NYC

We just got word that A Portrait of America, a group art show featuring Giuliano and 18 other artists, has been rescheduled to open at the Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York on Monday, November 26, 2012. If you are in the NYC area, please feel free to attend with RSVP and share the info with friends on Facebook.


New York, NY – Following the momentous occasion of Barack Obama’s re-election, the Joy Wai Gallery will proudly present A Portrait of America: Commemorating Visions of Hope, Loss and Celebration: 2008-2012, a group exhibition curated by LA-based conceptual artist Ramses Granados. Bringing together an eclectic international group of visual artists, musicians, photojournalists and cultural luminaries, A Portrait of America will offer a unique window into our past and present states of mind, and a time when hope bettered our fears. Opening reception will be taking place Monday, November 26th, from 6:00 to 10pm at the Angel Orensanz Foundation, 172 Norfolk Street, NYC.

Comprised of 45 works by 19 artists, this exhibition is a celebration of the country’s vast perspectives and experiences, and the political climate that has been shaped in the last four years. Joy Wai and Ramses Granados have curated a selection of artists who collectively speak to the American experience like no other, with a mix of adoration, loss, critical analysis, and tongue-and-cheek humor. The roster includes Daniel Ash (painter/musician, of Bauhaus, Tones on Tail and Love and Rockets, UK), Will Sergeant (painter/musician, of Echo and the Bunnymen, UK), Shawna Ankenbrandt (photographer, US), Giuliano Bekor (photographer, US), Courtney Chavanell (photographer, US), Wen-Chi (painter, US), Cheryl Farber Smith (sculptor, US), Julius B. Fill (painter, Czech Republic), Jeff Forney (photographer, US), Victor Holt (photojournalist, US), Christian Hooker (painter, US), Phantom Street Artist (graffitist, US), Ramses (conceptual, US), Xany Rudoff (mixed media, US), Paul Seftel (mixed media, US), Jen Starr (photographer, US), Aki Takematsu (photographer, Japan), Bruno Tamiozzo (photographer, Italy), and Joy Wai (photographer, US).