Fine Art Sneak Peek


Giuliano’s been creating tons of art this summer, and we’ve all been preparing for various shows coming up in the fall both locally and around the world. Just this last week, he began work on a new collaborative series with famed body painter and make up artist Joanne Gair. This new project, titled “Octopussy,” is a series loosely based off the James Bond character of the same name utilizing Giuliano’s signature projection technique – and created all in camera (without Photoshop). The beautiful forms and textures of these magical (and tasty – or so I’ve heard) creatures from beneath the sea, combined with the undulating lines of the female body and the raw body painting techniques of a true master makes this high on my list of favorite collections that Giuliano has created. I’m really excited that he’s letting me share a sneak peek of this with you (featuring the stunning beauty Milan from Photogenics), and I can’t wait until we can showcase the rest of them. Stay tuned for more in the near future and in the meantime, head over to Giuliano’s fine art site here to check out some of his other projects.